Prospective Residents

All are welcome!

Thinking about applying to Gabriel Homes for yourself or a loved one? You might be wondering if you qualify, when you should apply, and what documents you may need. Don’t worry we’re here to make the process easy for you. 

How do I know if I'm eligible?

Gabriel Homes checks for a few basic details to see if you qualify for services. You must:

  1. Be at least 18 years old
  2. Have a diagnosis of an intellectual disability
  3. Be a Virginia resident
  4. Be employed or receive vocational support during the day
  5. Show interest in receiving services

All residents are welcome regardless of race, religion, or origin.

If you’re eligible to become a resident, you can submit your residency application by printing and completing our form. Then mail it to: 

Gabriel Homes, Inc. 
P.O. Box 710207 
Herndon, VA 20171-0207  

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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I apply?

You can submit your application during any time of year. We may not have capacity to place you immediately, but we will keep your application in our records until you decide to withdraw it or when a spot becomes open. 

What do I need when I apply?

To get reviewed for active placement, you’ll need: 

  • Medical records and immunizations (past five years) 
  • Medication history 
  • Psychological examinations (two most recent) 
  • Educational or employment history 
  • Any other relevant information 

The good news is — Gabriel Homes can obtain all the documents you need if you sign our consent form. Your signature saves you the extra legwork of finding these items and speeds up the process of moving you in! 

Submit your residency application by printing and completing our form. Then mail it to: 

Gabriel Homes, Inc.
PO Box 710207
Herndon, VA 20171-0207 

How do you handle meals?

Residents usually handle breakfast on their own each morning before work. If residents live in a group home, on-call staff may help with putting together healthy meals. 

Lunches follow a similar routine. Residents must make sure they pack their lunches and take them to and from work. Staff may help residents in group homes by helping them prep their food and making sure they take it before they leave. 

Each resident takes turns cooking dinners. Gabriel Homes will work with them to find meals they like and that are healthy. We’ll help them with shopping and prepping, and we’re always working with the residents so they can cook nutritious meals on their own. Dinners are typically eaten family style, which brings the housemates together, and everyone splits cleaning chores after eating. 

How can we take our family member on vacation?

Gabriel Homes fully supports residents taking vacations with their friends and families. We do ask that you give us some notice before you travel so we can help them with packing if needed.  

How can my family member get to their job, doctor’s appointments, and other activities?

Residents mostly get to work using MetroAccess. The service takes people with disabilities to and from their jobs, appointments, and evening or weekend activities. Gabriel Homes may help residents schedule pickup times with MetroAccess, and we monitor the ride to make sure they’re picked up and dropped off on time. 

Modivcare is another rideshare service we use. However, residents can only get rides from it for work or appointments, and they must be on the Medicaid Waiver.  

We own a few company vehicles which we use to help take residents to and from appointments during the day. In the evenings, staff will help with rides if residents do any activities together. 

What do monthly payments look like?

Like paying for rent, you pay Gabriel Homes a service fee every month. Your payment takes care of room and board, transportation, and basic cable, and other items. The Medicaid Waiver helps with paying for staff services and other general support. But you must use your own money for personal hobbies, snacks, and clothing. 

What’s the visitor policy for friends and family?

You can have anybody over whenever you’d like. As housemates, though, you should be considerate of your roommates and let them know who’s coming over and when. 

What personal items can I bring?

You can bring things from your home like furniture, and we support you painting your room whatever color you’d like. If you move and have painted your room a vibrant color, you will have to pay to repaint the room to a neutral color. 

Of course, moving can be incredibly stressful. If you’re helping your family member move into one of our homes, we suggest you take them shopping. Let them pick out their bedding, lamps, storage, and clothes. Similar to shopping for your first year of college, taking your family member out to shop can be a nice way to involve them in the process and create a comfortable space. 

What is the Medicaid Waiver?

Put simply, the Medicaid Waiver allows people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live on their own. You allow them to live in a community home, which waives them from living in an institution.   

“The Medicaid Waiver is the difference maker,” one parent who’s used waiver services said. “When you are no longer around, your child will still have a place to live and people to care for them.” 

Some programs may be funded by your county, but the waiver is funded by the Virginia General Assembly. Many Gabriel Homes residents are on the Medicaid Waiver because they can access more services and programs. However, families have a hard time getting onto the waiver because there is a long waitlist of people looking to receive services. Click here to see other Frequently Asked Questions about Medicaid Waiver.