House Projects

Help maintain and monitor the properties for safety and upkeep.

Do you have a favorite at-home passion and want to give back to your friendly neighbors? 

At Gabriel Homes, we invite you to put your skills to use and help our houses flourish. Bring some paint to give our walls a fresh look or use your shovels and spades to maintain beautiful gardens. Your expertise can make a significant difference to the lives of our residents. 

Helping Gabriel Homes with house projects not only transforms the houses but also adds to our residents’ quality of life. Every stroke of paint or planted flower adds to the comfort of those we serve. 

Are you ready to make a difference with Gabriel Homes? Click here to contact us today and let's help you start your first project! 

Every project will leave you feeling fulfilled. You’ll get the most out of a day’s work because you’ll make life better for the residents in their homes.
Jack Mannion
Gabriel Homes Work Crew Supervisor


Are house projects ongoing or can I do them one at a time?

The amount of work you do is up to you. We encourage you to get a group of friends together for house projects if you’re experts yourselves! Groups tend to come back when projects and renovations are needed. Those who came back for future projects built closer friendships, so you can feel proud of your work knowing your friends were there to support you! 

What hours should I show up?

Most projects are done from morning to mid-afternoon in one day. We recommend you arrive at one of the homes around 7, and work starts around 8. With a few pauses for water or meals, work tends to finish around 2:30 or 3. Hours can depend on the scope of the project, whether it's gardening or construction. The more team members who arrive, the quicker projects can be finished. 

Do I need to provide my own materials? Are any provided?

Sometimes we will ask volunteers to bring tools if they have them, like leaf blowers or power saws. Gabriel Homes has other tools you can use on-site as well. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about tools you're looking for. 

How do I know what’s needed for house projects? How can I learn about upcoming needs?

Join a list of volunteers where we send out project requests. There will always be more projects, so if your skills match our needs, we encourage you to respond to requests. You can also reach out and ask about project needs at any time. 

Be sure to also give some love to our many sponsors who contribute to improvements in our homes. We have received the necessary grant money from the Knights of Columbus Kovar to enhance all our bathrooms and ensure they continue to be safe for our residents needs. We also received the gifts of HomeAid® a wonderful organization that connects vetted local nonprofits with building experts who generously donated their time, resources, and expertise to create dignified, safe, and beautiful kitchens in several of our homes. 

Thank you to our Home Partners

Are you ready to make a difference with Gabriel Homes? Contact us and let's help you start your first project!

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