Gabriel Homes resident (left) with Frank (right), friend of the community.

When the community rallies around you, success follows.

Rich, a long-time employee at Giant and resident at Gabriel Homes, celebrated his promotion to a full-time employee. A popular face in the Reston community, Rich has worked at Giant for 15 years and is loved by everyone.

Like many, he catches the bus to work. However, he doesn’t follow the regular Monday-to-Friday schedule; he instead works Wednesday to Monday like his fellow resident, John.

“It feels great to be celebrated this way. I’ve made many friends with my coworkers and the shoppers at Giant, so they’ve made me love my work."
Gabriel Homes resident.
Resident at Gabriel Homes

His career has taken off with the support of his job coach. Coaches work hands-on with their clients to guide and encourage them as they navigate the workplace.

“Rich is so independent that our monthly meetings are more like catching up with friends. His aura is felt by everyone. I admire Rich for his optimistic nature and willingness to tackle new and different tasks.”

Gabriel Homes resident at work at Giant.

A Team Player

Since his tenure at Giant, Rich has become an expert at package pickups, cart returns, and customer service assistance. 

“Rich has been a terrific asset to the Giant Food team,” said Youseff Gergis, manager at Giant. “I appreciate his important support role, and his long tenure is a testament to his work ethic. Customers love him!”

Gabriel Homes resident (right) with Frank (left), friend of the community.

A True Friend

One of Rich’s biggest strengths during his shifts is how he lifts everyone’s spirits. Some Giant customers have built friendships with him by being regular shoppers for years.

“The man, the myth, the legend!” said Frank, a Reston resident and Giant shopper. “Rich is one of my family’s favorite people. Every time I see him, the first thing he says is ‘How’s your family?’ followed by a hug.”

Gabriel Homes resident (left) with Frank (right), friend of the community.

A Symbol of Independence

Rich’s story at Giant shows how residents work and have fun in Reston. He is a close friend to many, and his life showcases what Gabriel Homes wants: for the residents to live on their own and have support from their community.

“I call Rich a friend because he’s warm, loving, and inspiring,” Frank said. “When I drive out of the parking lot, I realize I still have a smile on my face.”

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