Relaxing your body and mind

Studies show that walking every day can relax your body and mind. At Gabriel Homes, our residents can head straight from their homes onto beautiful walking trails. The fresh air often provides a nice break from their daily routines indoors. 

In the afternoon, you can find Gabriel Homes residents taking walks alone or with their friends. Over at Gabriel Homes #4 (GH4), you’ll find residents John B., John H., and Rich taking daily strolls with Lucy from GH8. The quartet is diligent about getting their steps in, especially when it’s sunny. They often go for longer walks when the days are warm and the evenings are long. 

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John Doe

“It’s something we’ve done together for years,” says John H. “The area is easy to walk around, and we enjoy waving to all the families who live nearby.”

At our own pace

Everyone goes at their own pace to burn off energy as they need. For example, Lucy is the leader of the pack. She walks several dozen paces ahead of the gentlemen and waits at every stop sign or crosswalk for them to catch up. 

On the other hand, John B. is the caboose. He walks more slowly than the rest of the crew, so John H. and Rich accommodate him by walking together.  

“It’s what friends do,” Rich says. “Including John on our walks helps us all stay on track. We keep each other motivated so we’re excited to walk again tomorrow!” 

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