Singing isn’t only fun – belting out your favorite tunes can also relieve stress, strengthen your immune system, and build your confidence.

Shelby shaking maracas.

One former Gabriel Homes staff member lends his voice and instruments to the residents by playing music with them. Bill Partlow comes to homes 3 and 5 every Thursday evening with a collection of songbooks to share with the group. 

“We all have such a good time because Thursdays are our chances to be silly,” Bill says. “We live what feels like a second childhood when we play our favorite songs and jam along to them.” 

Everyone sits in a circle with their books and sings as Bill strums his guitar. Song choices are varied, but residents consistently pick their favorites.

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John likes to bring his bongos to add a little percussion to Queen’s “We Will Rock You.” Caryn, on the other hand, likes to swing her arms to “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands,” with choreography Bill showed them. Shelby holds a fast rhythm shaking her maracas to John Denver’s “Country Roads.”

“I like being with all my friends for song sessions,” John says. “When Bill comes over, I’m the first one down the stairs with my drums. I keep a smile on my face for hours after Bill leaves because I have so much fun with him.”

Bill has been conducting song sessions for years, and he’s not putting the guitar away any time soon.

“The residents are like family to me. They’re wonderful to be around, so I love that I can bring us all together through music.”
Bill Partlow playing guitar.
Bill Partlow
Gabriel Homes Volunteer

You can get involved today!

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