Studies show that 80% of New Year’s resolutions are failures. Most people lose motivation to meet their goals within the first six weeks.

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At Gabriel Homes, we help adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities work on their goals that meet their needs. Individual support plans (ISPs) are like roadmaps for each resident at our group homes. Like resolutions, ISPs are made to set goals and make their daily lives better.

ISPs often focus on long-term goals like consistently brushing teeth, cleaning dishes, or exercising. Unlike those who fall off their goals, residents have the support of their families, support coordinators, and Gabriel Homes staff to help them meet their marks.

Person-centered planning (PCP) is at the heart of ISPs at Gabriel Homes. When you use PCP, you create plans tailored to match what the residents want with full access to the greater community for support. In short, PCP focuses on what’s important for and to the residents.

Starting healthier habits isn’t just for residents, though — it’s something everyone can benefit from. Think of goals like eating more vegetables or staying active. ISPs show us how better habits change our lives with the support of friends or family. It’s all about working together and cheering each other on!

One plan you can make is to get more involved with Gabriel Homes! Learn more about how you can help with house projects and keep our homes in top shape.