Making art is not only a beautiful way of expressing yourself — it can be therapeutic for your mental health. Many, including Gabriel Homes residents, became da Vincis themselves and channeled their feelings into art during COVID-19 lockdowns. 

Gabriel Homes resident painting on a canvas.

An Artist With The Eye

One resident has had a particular eye for painting. Sam has made roughly a dozen works featured in our former newsletter and social media. Other pieces have hung across the home.

“I like painting objects with rainbows because it’s fun to change up the colors,” Sam said, holding up one canvas featuring a rainbow-colored tree. “The rainbows look their best when I paint dark backgrounds because they stand out.”

Sam was exposed to art when he was young because his mother had a background in history and art. The family often visited museums when they traveled, so Sam was exposed to art worldwide.

“Sam’s mom was like our personal docent,” said Gary, Sam’s stepfather. “Sam always enjoyed coloring and painting, so we supported him in all his endeavors.”

Gabriel Homes resident holding two canvases they painted.

Your Support Makes the Art Possible

Gabriel Homes received the art supplies thanks to a generous donation by Mike Flynn, an art teacher and Gabriel Homes Work Crew member. He brought canvases, acrylic paintbrushes, and other items to help the residents with their paintings.

“Their work shows there’s something inside themselves that’s able to come out of themselves,” Mike said. “The residents produce amazing works, and they succeed as long as they have the tools to create them.”