Gabriel Homes residents at annual golf tournament.

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Because of your support, adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities are able to live independent lives.

You may have donated to us, attended golf tournaments, or had a family member or friend from the Gabriel Homes community. We’re now excited to bring everyone together and celebrate your work through our new monthly newsletter. With stories on our residents and recaps of popular events, The Treehouse is your exclusive look into Gabriel Homes. You won’t want to miss every edition.

Thank you for supporting Gabriel Homes and empowering our 20+ residents. Join us in staying connected with all things Gabriel Homes.
Lynn Davis, executive director of Gabriel Homes.
Lynn Davis
Executive Director, Gabriel Homes

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The new website launched earlier last month. Now information on our services and homes is available at your fingertips. Then check out our stories that spotlight the residents and celebrate our community.

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Gabriel Homes Holds First-Ever Spring Fling

Residents showed up in their finest attire, and some brought their plus-ones. The night had so much energy and fun that residents are already asking about the next party. Read about the unforgettable night at

Gabriel Homes resident at work.

John Celebrates 30 Years Working at Walmart

One resident, John, steps up to every task. He delivers food at the bakery, helps with returns at customer service, and does everything in-between.

"My coworkers told me, if they didn't have me, Walmart would fall apart."


More on John's work

Community Corner

Gabriel Homes resident Kari (right) with her niece (left).

From the parent of a resident:

"Give your family member with IDD the opportunity to live independently as soon as possible. They may make mistakes, but they'll also learn and grow from them. You'll be surprised how bright they are when you give them a chance."


Linda's story

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Do you have a favorite memory with Gabriel Homes? Do you have advice for family members? If there's something you've been longing to share, now is your chance! Email Lynn with your story or idea.


Board Spotlight

Michele Bolos

Michele Bolos

Michele's leadership and vision were vital in launching the new website. As chair of the board, Michele led the charge using her background in website design. 

"I wanted the website to come alive with the stories from our residents. When you dive into the stories on our website, you find it easy to have a great first impression."


Read more about Michele at

Meet Michele

Staff Spotlight

Afua Yankobah holding her award at the DSPYs.

Afua Yankobah

Joining Gabriel Homes in 2014, Afua is a beacon of empowerment and positivity. Her bright outlook on leadership led to her receiving the positivity award from the Northern Virginia Coalition of Providers last year at their inaugural awards celebration.

Afua is an amazing example of how independence and success are possible when strong leaders support you.

"Everything comes from your heart. I put myself in the residents' shoes, see what they see, and do what they enjoy. Today, I feel like I'm part of their family."


Afua's Story

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July 1 - Golf tournament registration opens. September 16 - Gabriel Homes Annual Golf Tournament.


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