When men come together and support one another, they can better take care of themselves and create more respectful cultures for all genders. Every Tuesday night, the gentlemen from Gabriel Homes #3 (GH3) meet everyone at #1 (GH1) for men’s night.

Gabriel Homes resident listening to music.

Rest & Relaxation

The men tend to sit together and catch up on how the week has started for them. Since the nights usually start around 5, many talk about what they did at work. Some residents like John play music for the group to wind down after long days.

“I like playing Nat King Cole because his music is slow but happy,” said John. “I like when my friends ask me to take my headphones off so we can listen together.”

Meals are always a hit on men’s nights. Sean takes the lead preparing dinners every Tuesday evening. The meal of the night is a familiar favorite with best friends – grilled ham and cheese sandwiches with tomato soup.

I can be more comfortable and relax more on men’s nights. Then it’s fun to see if I can set new records when I lift after dinner.
Gabriel Homes resident preparing dinner.
Gabriel Homes Resident

Off to Training!

After everyone cleans up, the athletes head off to IMP Fitness for another night of training. Most of the group trains together for powerlifting tournaments. The athletes who compete change into T-shirts and sweatpants and put on their powerlifting belts and gloves when they hang out together.

“Tuesday nights are one of my favorite nights of the week,” said Chris, a Gabriel Homes resident. “After powerlifting, I look forward to it next week because these guys are some of my best friends!”