Teach our Residents

If you’ve got unique skills and want to share them with your community, Gabriel Homes invites you to show off your talents and inspire our residents!

“Adults with disabilities deserve to live comfortably and enjoy their favorite activities. When you teach the residents at Gabriel Homes, you can do what you love with people who want to learn from you.”

Arts and Crafts
Art and crafts are so much fun and our residents LOVE workshops that allow their creative side out!
Go Hiking
Our residents love hiking and walking and our community offers so much space to explore.
We love to cook but always need to learn new meals and techniques.
Taking pictures is one thing but being a photographer is everything!
The theater can enhance the artistic experience, expand aesthetic innovation, and influence a community to become accessible for all.
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By leading workshops or hands-on activities, you can empower our residents to learn new skills and build a greater sense of independence. 

How can you help our Residents: 

  1. Skills Workshops: Put on workshops and help others discover their creative sides. Leading interactive sessions are great for developing residents’ skills if you teach them step by step. Whether it’s arts and crafts, photography, baking, or theatre, you can help residents express themselves in new ways and see personal growth. 
  2. Donate Materials: Make the learning experience a hands-on one by donating your materials. Items you can support us with include paint brushes, cookware, costumes, and more. 

Your Impact 

We are dedicated to nurturing the talents and passions of everyone, including adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. By sharing your talents with or donating your materials to Gabriel Homes, you help build a community where everyone can celebrate their unique abilities.

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Ready to become part of something special? Teach our residents and get involved today.

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