Sponsor an Event

Impact, Visibility, and Perception!

Did you know that teaming up with a nonprofit can help your company get noticed? When you sponsor events with Gabriel Homes, you can showcase your organization and make new business connections. It’s a win-win for your company! 

Gabriel Homes resident painting on a canvas.

Why Sponsor an Event? 

  • Impact: You’ll directly make positive change for your community. Your support helps us continue our programs and services for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 
  • Visibility: You’ll reach a wider audience. We’ll shout out your sponsorship in our marketing so you can have greater brand recognition. 
  • Perception: Research indicates that demonstrating social responsibility increases your chances of acquiring new customers. Through sponsorship of our events, you not only make a meaningful impact but also unlock valuable rewards for your brand.

How can you sponsor today?

Choose an event: Check out our upcoming events such as our annual golf tournament and pick the one that matches your values and goals. Or host an event yourself! 

Get in touch: Contact us to talk about sponsoring events. We’ll work together and create a package that meets your budget. 

Share your brand’s materials: Once your event is confirmed, consider sharing your company’s swag or giveaways. You can keep your brand in the spotlight during the event and leave a lasting impression after attendees head home. 

Enjoy the benefits:Gabriel Homes will support you during every step when you sponsor an event. We will ensure clear communication for a successful event that meets your organization’s goals.

Now you can enjoy the perks of making a difference and building a stronger brand!

Make change possible using your business. Are you ready to sponsor an event with Gabriel Homes?

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