Who we are

We focus on growing abilities!

"We open doors to people who have amazing abilities and create a solid foundation to stand on."
Fr. Bob Cliniski
Founding Member

Gabriel Homes was established in June 1982. Our founders had, at the time, a radical idea that adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities could live independently. Based on the living skills residents learned from their families, we have stepped in to help make the dreams of independent living a reality.   

Our homes put a roof over their heads and a solid foundation under their feet so they can reach their full potential. We separate ourselves from other live-in programs by focusing on independent living within a strong community context.  

Gabriel Homes owns 6 residential homes in the Reston/Herndon area, and our team provides either 24-hour care or drop-in support for our residents.  All our residents work in paid jobs or vocational programs in the Northern Virginia area.    

We are committed to unwavering support and boundless encouragement for our residents. At Gabriel Homes, we believe that independence thrives when the community comes together. 

Our Services

At Gabriel Homes, we embrace a holistic and fulfilling lifestyle for our residents, focusing on both their physical and emotional well-being. Our community values a strong sense of belonging and mutual support.

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