When you have strong female friends, you can feel more empowered. Every Wednesday after work, the women at Gabriel Homes gather at home #6 for ladies’ night.


Every Wednesday Night

The group sits together and gets to catching up right awayThey often talk about how their weeks have been and what their weekend plans are. Everyone then gets ready for dinner, where they treat themselves to favorite meals like macaroni and cheese or breakfast-for-dinner. 

Ladies’ night is the heart of our week, and the food is the most exciting part. The Wednesday nights are our time to relax and enjoy being together. They're the best way to break up the week.

Two Gabriel Homes residents at ladies' night.

Working Together Toward Goals

Another resident, January, likes playing games most on ladies’ nights. 

“Games are fun because they keep you working toward a goal,” said January. “I play a memory game using a deck of cards a lot. The games become exciting when the players can't find the winning pair of cards.” 

Gabriel Homes resident (left) having a conversation with a residential counselor (right.)

Strong Role Models Change Lives

Marlene Stevens, a residential counselor at Gabriel Homes, believes women best empower each other when they have role models. She likes working ladies' nights because she aims to build positive women-led communities.

“Everyone needs positive female role models,” said Stevens. “I love working with the ladies here because I’m proud to show them how to be independent. But you need spaces for strong women, so I’m glad Gabriel Homes provides that for them.”

Looking to share your favorite skills with residents?

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