If you’re a fan of sports, then you’ll find friends at Gabriel Homes who will join you on the couch every Sunday. From the crack of the bat to the excitement in the stands, you can feel the residents’ energy when their favorite team pulls off a Cinderella story-like victory. 

A few of the residents shared their favorite sports teams and why they support them. Here’s a closer look into their fandoms. 

Rich D.

I love all the New York teams – mainly the Mets, Giants, Rangers, and Knicks. My family and I are from the city, so we’ve been drawn toward the teams our entire lives. I remember working when the Mets won the World Series in 1986. Today, since baseball tickets are easy to get, I like going to Washington Nationals games and sitting behind the foul pole. 


My favorite team is the Washington Capitals since I’ve lived here all my life. One of my favorite memories was when the Caps won the Stanley Cup in 2018. I went to the victory parade in the city wearing my red sweater and hat. Everyone celebrated nonstop, and I cheered the loudest when I saw the players drive by us. 

Rich R.

I’m a Browns fan. I support them for one reason: I love the team colors. Kevin Stefanski has been a terrific head coach since he took over. Nick Chubb and Joe Flacco are true leaders and are the reason they made the playoffs this year. It’s wonderful to see them competing. If I could say one thing to the team, I’d tell them “Keep it up!” 

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