According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, workers typically stay with their employers for about 4.1 years. Now imagine someone working at the same place for over seven times the average length of time! 

Gabriel Homes resident at work.

30th Anniversary

In March, one of our residents, John, celebrated his 30th anniversary working at the Walmart in Fairfax.  

“I can’t believe it’s been 30 years,” John said. He joked, “I’m not old enough to believe I’ve worked there that long!” 

For three decades, every day brought new challenges for John. One day he delivered food at the deli and bakery, and another he helped with returns at customer service. The responsibilities changed each shift, and John was ready to step up for the tasks.

John goes out of his way to help everyone he sees,” said Sujit, general manager at Walmart. “He’s the first one in and last one out at work. I often see him sweeping up before leaving. He’s nice to everybody and is a great role model for our staff.

John is a joy

Looking back on his favorite memories at work, John recalled when they celebrated his birthdays each August. Coworkers would take him out to lunch and often surprised him with cake for dessert. 

“John is a joy to be around,” said Ramona, a long-time coworker. “We have long talks together about our days or family visits. He’s great at what he does and is a special friend.” 


Each time John returned to work, he enjoyed making new memories with shoppers and staff. At the end of the shift, John looked back and shared how he was looking forward to the next one. He said that although shoppers and staff may come and go, he makes new memories with everyone he sees. 

“My coworkers told me, if they didn’t have me, Walmart would fall apart,” John said, smiling. 

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