Our History

Our common goal is the desire for developmentally challenged children entering adulthood to enjoy the benefits of independent living.

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Our Founders

Gabriel Homes, Inc. (GHI) was founded in 1982 with the common goal of helping adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities live and thrive on their own in the Greater Reston community. Before GHI, families of those with disabilities had few housing options for their loved ones. Many adults were left institutionalized and isolated.

GHI’s five founders — Frances Campbell, Pat Kane, Father Gerry Creedon, Thomas Freaney Jr., and Aaron Palmer — created the plan to set up the organization. Catholic Charities led the financial and structural groundwork, and GHI was able to flourish into the nonprofit you see today.


When the first GHI group homes moved forward, some in the Greater Reston area resisted them. GHI put their neighbors’ concerns to rest by educating them on the homes’ benefits and building relationships with the community. Support from local leaders like the late Senator Joseph V. Gartlan Jr. (D) led to new laws that eased group homes into communities.

The first group home opened in 1989, and the GHI staff began to grow. The faith-based leader Father Bob Cilinski offered guidance and support on the Board of Directors and as president for over 30 years.

Mike Holupka, a construction company owner, became the first chairman of the board. Serving for 25 years, Mike started the Gabriel Homes Work Crew and grew the annual golf tournament to become GHI’s flagship fundraiser and community event it is today.



GHI has a public-private partnership as a nonprofit. Most of its funding comes from state and county budgets, client fees, and donations and grants. Since 1995, the golf tournament has brought participants across Northern Virginia together to compete, volunteer, and raise money for GHI. The residents are always out in full force: They love meeting the golfers, helping in the tournament, and enjoying the early fall weather.

The history of Gabriel Homes is filled with everyday people doing extraordinary things. Now, with six group homes and over 20 residents in the Greater Reston area, GHI shows what you can achieve when the community works toward a common goal.