In 1990, Fr. Gerry Creedon, was called to a ministry in the Dominican Republic and asked Fr. Bob Cilinski to join the board of Gabriel Homes. He agreed and two years later, became the President of the organization.

At the time, Gabriel Homes had two homes and was struggling to pay their bills. So, Fr. Bob rallied students at George Mason University and held a fundraiser where his all-priest basketball team played members of the Washington Redskins in the GMU Stadium. They raised $5000 that night and closed the Gabriel Homes’ financial books with $300 in the bank.

He vowed to not have another year like that and lead the organization to hold other fundraisers, including our premier golf tournament.  Fr. Bob also helped advise the organization to create a foundation to help benefit us long term and was actively involved in fundraising efforts with the community to support stability.

In the 33 years that Fr. Bob served as President and Board member of Gabriel Homes, his contributions are endless.