In 1998, Mike Holupka was asked by Fr. Bob, to serve on the Board of Directors of Gabriel Homes. Mike, who was already involved in many community projects in the region, agreed to serve and assumed the role of Chairman of the board.  

In the 25 years that Mike Holupka served as Chairman of our Board of Directors, Mike recognized the organization’s biggest asset are our residents and made it a priority to ensure that they lived in homes that were safe, clean, and uncluttered.  

Mike provided personnel from the Anderson Company and B&B Signal to help with repairs, landscaping, building improvements and any other work needed on the homes. He has also created the Gabriel Homes Work Crew (GHWC), a group of his retired friends who go to the homes monthly to do various jobs in support of our residents. 

He created board committees like the Strategic and Planning Committee to address our home maintenance and the Health and Welfare Committee to address our aging population.  Mike’s gifts, in time and service, to Gabriel Homes are seen all over the organization.