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The late Aaron Palmer who was on the staff of Catholic Charities and helped establish the organization. He served as the first Executive Director for Gabriel Homes over 10 years and helped integrate our residents to be part of the Reston Community.

He began his social work career in Wilmington, DE at Family Services of Delaware. In 1958, he moved to CT, where Mr. Palmer continued to pursue his social work career with Catholic Charities, Dioceses of Norwich for 12 years. In 1970, he moved to Fairfax, VA, where he became executive director of Catholic Family and Children Services, which later became Catholic Charities of Arlington Diocese. During Mr. Palmer's tenure, many new programs were initiated, including Gabriel Homes. 

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The late Patrick Kane who is a fixture in the Reston Community and whose legacy is seen all over the Reston area. He answered an ad in the paper to help establish an inclusive community where individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities can live.  He lived his motto, ”Why Not Today?” and he planted in the founder's thoughts, "why not Reston?" 

Patrick, a community planner who was instrumental in the development of Reston, ensured that it would be a place where everyone can live, regardless of race, creed, economic status, and it attracted resident pioneers with a keen sense if social justice. It was the place of the first Gabriel Home's dwelling and we remain here decades later. 

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The late Fr. Gerry Creedon, a leader, a dedicated man of world ministry, and a man whose gifts to our community leave a legacy that is too vast to talk about in such a short time.  The longtime pastor of Holy Family Church in Dale City was beloved from Ireland to the Dominican Republic and throughout Virginia. He was known for being a voice for the poor, an accomplished poet and musician, and an inspiration to many.

He was the director of Catholic Charities in the early 80’s, when Fran Campbell, a mother of a child with intellectual and developmental disabilities, approached him to talk about how they could work together to be change agents for adults having a desire to live independently in our community. Without his leadership, Gabriel Homes would not exist. 

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The late Fran Campbell; a mother, a visionary, a change agent who dreamed of something better for her child and others who have amazing abilities to offer to an inclusive community. Fran and her husband William had four children and along with other parents of developmentally disabled children fought for public school education for their children. This led to a career in special religious education for the developmentally disabled.

In the early 80’s, Fran approached Fr. Gerry Creedon, the director of Catholic Charities at the time, to talk about how they could work together to be change agents for adults having a desire to live independently in our community. Without her pioneering vision and the partnership with Catholic Charities, Gabriel Homes would not exist.