Gabriel Homes residents at birthday party.

What do these three things have in common?

They were all part of Rich’s favorite birthday party to date!

The date fell when Rich was lucky to have the day off from work and could spend the day with his housemate John. The two spent most of the day enjoying their favorite daytime programming, namely General Hospital.

Gabriel Homes residents.

Heading Out

Getting ready to get out and stretch their legs, the gents were amazed at the weather when Lucy came over to join them for their regular walk. It felt humid outside, but it was the perfect day to take their usual trail. On the walk, Rich talked endlessly about how much he looked forward to his party. The evening was dinosaur-themed, a subject Rich loves.

“Dinosaurs may look silly on TV, but they’re actually huge,” Rich said. “The Tyrannosaurus Rexes is my favorite type of dinosaur because they look scary and are like the leader of all the dinosaurs.”

Gabriel Homes resident opening gift bag at birthday party.

The Night Kicks Off

A couple of hours passed once Rich’s friends came over for his birthday. Rich D., Stephen, and Chris came over excited to chow down on dinner. Chinese food was Rich’s meal of choice, with Rich having his personal favorite, shrimp fried rice.

Rich opened his presents after cleanup and got exactly what he wanted: a set of new Army hats since he has long admired the military. Adding some energy to the evening, Rich and John requested all the greatest ABBA hits to play in the background.

Hits like “Dancing Queen” and “Take a Chance on Me” played in the background when it was time to hit the T-Rexshaped piñata. The guests had chances to swing at the dinosaur, and Chris dealt the final blow when candy burst out of the bag.

I chased for the Kit Kats first. I like how they taste with the wafers on the inside, and the chocolate coating is delicious.
Gabriel Homes Resident
Cake for 57th birthday.

Friends are Family

Everyone collected their treats, and the night ended with Rich’s favorite sweet: Snickers cheesecake made by Gabriel Homes.

After having his slice of cake, Chris shared in sign language with the group: “I love you all.”

Rich called the night his favorite birthday he ever celebrated and was thankful to celebrate it with some of his best friends.

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