Note: Much of the content from this article is based on the Arc of NOVA’s May 20 webinar, “What to Expect While Waiting for a DD Waiver Confirmation.” Visit their website to learn more about free, upcoming webinars.

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A Huge Win for IDD Advocacy

Over the next two years, Medicaid Waivers will be approved quarterly for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). The budget approved by the Virginia legislature allows Medicaid to accept thousands of applicants through the end of June 30, 2026.

If you’re one of the thousands who need waiver benefits, Gabriel Homes is here to help.

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Getting Started

Your main point of contact must be your Community Services Board (CSB) representative. Applicants for benefits are considered for slots based on need according to Virginia Individual Developmental Disability Eligibility Survey (VIDES) assessments done by CSB support coordinators (SCs).

If you don’t know your SC or need their contact information, reach out to us if your family member is a resident at Gabriel Homes. If you’re looking to start the process of applying for benefits or becoming a resident, contact your county's CSB.

List of CSBs in VA
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Next Steps

After your VIDES assessment, the CSB may then place you on a waitlist based on your results. You must be on the priority one waitlist to be taken off the list and start the process of applying for benefits. Please keep in mind: Waiver approvals can take months, even if you’re on the priority one waitlist.

Once you’re off the waitlist, you’re assigned a Waiver based on the level of support you need and the living situation that suits you best. does a deep dive into the types of waivers and the benefits they provide.

Remember that accepting Waiver benefits is like receiving acceptance to college.

You must reply to all communications and submit your documentation on time, or the Waiver can be withdrawn. The Virginia Department of Medical Assisted Services (DMAS) then lets someone else in the slot instead. You can reapply for benefits if you miss your acceptance window, but your application and waitlist processes start over.

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If you have more questions on the Medicaid Waiver process...

...The Arc of NOVA has countless free webinars on YouTube. Also, visit our FAQ page for more questions about applying for and receiving Waiver benefits.