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Gabriel Homes residents at powerlifting tournament with their team.

Gabriel Homes Crushes the Powerlifting Competition

In a Special Olympics tournament held in Manassas, Gabriel Homes residents showed up in full force with first- and second-place finishes.

See more photos from the latest competition at, and stay tuned for the recent state tournament results by following us on social media.

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Highlights from the competition:

Gabriel Homes resident at work at Giant.

Rich Celebrates His Promotion at Work

A popular face across Fairfax County, Rich has worked at Giant for 15 years and is loved by everyone. He's recently celebrated a well-earned promotion at work!

More about Rich
Two Gabriel Homes residents at ladies' night.

Ladies' Night at Gabriel Homes

Every Wednesday after work, the women at Gabriel Homes gather for ladies' night.

The group sits together and gets to catching up right away. They often talk about how their weeks have been and what their weekend plans are.

Ladies' Night Story
Gabriel Homes resident celebrating her birthday.

Happy Birthday, Darcy!

Darcy celebrated her birthday with her roommates by visiting Lake Thoreau and feeding the animals along the path.

“I truly enjoy celebrating the residents’ birthdays. It’s rewarding seeing their big smiles when the evenings come together.”

Naomi Pariona
Program Coordinator, Gabriel Homes

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Community Corner

Ultimately, you should always give yourself opportunities to engage with adults with IDD. When you share a little about yourself, you get a lot of joy coming back to you. My relationships with Rich goes two ways, and we both equally benefit from it. He's just a joy to have in our lives.

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Board Spotlight

Elaine Bickel

Elaine Bickel

The current treasurer of the Board of Directors, Elaine returned to Gabriel Homes in 2016 after working here in the early 1990s.

“Success requires boards with visions for the future, including strategic plans and business decisions, so I believe I bring the ability to see the forest from the trees.”


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Staff Spotlight

Gabriel Homes residents (left and center) dancing with Marlene Stevens (right), residential counselor at Gabriel Homes at the spring fling.

Marlene Stevens

Marlene joined Gabriel Homes early this year, and she has become an immediate champion for the residents at Gabriel Homes #6 and #8.

“Being with the residents - these are my favorite types of days. I hope being a residential counselor is the last job I have, and I plan to live another 60 years!”


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Upcoming Dates

July 1 - Golf tournament registration opens. September 16 - Gabriel Homes Annual Golf Tournament.


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