Here is the worst kept secret at Gabriel Homes. Shannon does not live in Virginia. She lives in Colorado and has been with GHI since 2007. If you’re a fan of “The Wizard of Oz” you will understand this reference, but we refer to Shannon as the person behind the curtain that makes everything happen. She oversees resident work schedules, transportation, adult social club, and more. She also orders all the food that gets delivered to the homes, and all the non-food supplies. Shannon has cultivated relationships with transportation providers and is able to get them to do things nobody else can.

Shannon enjoys volunteering in her community. She also enjoys gardening, canning, cooking, and sharing her food and resources with others. Shannon shares that working with the Residents over the years has helped her grow personally and changed how she views the world and interacts with people. She says, “It has enhanced my desire to help people and give back to the community, by engaging and communicating with them at their personal level.”