Published date: July 11, 2024

When you get involved in nonprofits, your impact can hit home with those closest to you: namely, your family.

Kane sisters at Gabriel Homes golf tournament.

One family has been involved with Gabriel Homes, Inc. (GHI) since its founding in 1982.

Patrick Kane, one Gabriel Homes founder, was a community planner who helped make Reston the welcoming, accessible city it is today. Thanks in part to his leadership, his daughters Leslie and Alicia followed in his footsteps and blazed their own trails with Gabriel Homes.

“Our sister Amanda has Down syndrome, so she was a main reason why my dad helped found Gabriel Homes. Through him, I started writing grants part-time for Gabriel Homes. But I wore many hats here: I once painted a resident’s room in burgundy and gold because he wanted his bedroom decorated in the Commanders’ colors!"
Alicia Liddle.
Alicia Liddle
Former Gabriel Homes Staff and Board Member
Kane Sisters - Alicia and Leslie

After landing another job, Alicia took on a new role with Gabriel Homes.

She joined the board of directors, where she helped the nonprofit steer itself toward its success today. From the family side, Alicia helped Amanda join different activities with the residents, like dinners or holiday parties. 

“Once you’re in with Gabriel Homes, you’re in,” Alicia joked. 

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Several years after Alicia’s term with the board ended, Leslie stepped in and chaired the Marketing and Communications Committee. With Leslie’s background in sales and prominence in the Greater Reston community, she set her sights on making Gabriel Homes a household name.

“I want people to see that Gabriel Homes is a great resource for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. My father always wanted to stretch ideas to their limits, so he taught me how to push myself, make connections, and uplift others."

Kane Siblings with Hall of Fame Plaque

In 2022, Leslie started a podcast titled “Why Not Today?”

Leslie's show, named after one of her father's favorite phrases, spotlights guests who share courageous stories. 

And Alicia may be outside Gabriel Homes today, but she still supports the organization through her job at Northwest Federal Credit Union (NWFCU). Also a not-for-profit, NWFCU posts volunteer opportunities and invests in its community, including Gabriel Homes. 

The Kane family continues to hit new milestones with Gabriel Homes and Reston. Leslie and Alicia have befriended many of the residents at GHI, and Amanda is recognized everywhere she steps across Reston.

Our board of directors comes from all walks of life with unique stories.

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