It turns out a sunny attitude isn’t just good for your mood. A study from Stanford University finds a positive outlook can improve your memory and make you a more strategic problem solver.

Afua Yankobah holding her award at the DSPYs.

At Gabriel Homes...

...we provide top-notch services for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Our staff helps residents reach their dreams by working with them to achieve their goals and being positive beacons of support. 

One residential counselor, Afua, has worked at Gabriel Homes #3 since 2014. By empowering the residents and celebrating their successes, she recently won the DSPY Positivity Award at a ceremony hosted by the Northern Virginia Coalition of Providers. 

Afua is a light and calming presence to our residents and fellow DSPs. Through floods, renovations, and other changes, she supports the residents through thick and thin with a smile.
Lynn Davis, executive director of Gabriel Homes.
Lynn Davis
Executive Director, Gabriel Homes
Gabriel Homes resident at powerlifting tournament.

Joy Across Gabriel Homes

The residents and Afua have house meetings every Monday evening to celebrate their victories. In one meeting, the gentlemen in the house showed up wearing their medals after placing high at a local Special Olympics powerlifting tournament.

“We cheered for all the guys,” Afua said. “When everybody’s clapping for them, the men get energized and feel proud of themselves.”

Afua also guides residents when they’re doing chores. She encourages residents when they cook and steps in if they need extra help. Her goal in working with residents is to give back and support adults with IDD in living independent lives.

“Everything comes from your heart. I put myself in the residents’ shoes, see what they see, and do what they enjoy. Today, I feel like I'm part of their family.
Afua Yankobah holding her award at the DSPYs.
Afua Yankobah
Residential Counselor, Gabriel Homes
Participants in the annual Gabriel Homes golf tournament.

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