Gabriel Homes logo.

New Logo

Reston, Va., April 8, 2024 -- Gabriel Homes, Inc. (GHI), a leading housing provider for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), is excited to unveil its new logo and the launch of the new 

The new logo, featuring a house sheltering a tree, represents GHI and the residents’ growth over 40 years. The roots of GHI’s success come from the community, who have volunteered their time to empower the residents. 

Gabriel Homes and the residents change the way that leaves change every season,” said Lynn Davis, executive director of GHI. “With our new logo, we also celebrate the community for nurturing our residents and empowering our organization.
Lynn Davis
Lynn Davis
Executive Director

New Website

Additionally, the new website features a modern design and easy navigation so visitors can learn more about the organization and adults with disabilities. New to the website are stories about the residents. For decades, residents have been active in the Greater Reston community through their activities, workplaces, and places of worship. 

Our website comes alive when we show stories of residents living their best lives,” said Michele Bolos, chair of GHI. “When you dive into the stories, you see how people of all abilities can contribute to their communities in fulfilling ways.
Michele Bolos
Michele Bolos
Board of Directors

The website will continue receiving updates, including news on IDD-related policies, stories from residents, and milestones achieved by GHI.